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Fuel Technology Solutions for Passenger & Freight Rail

Engineered to save you money...

Reduced Fleet Maintenance Costs

Fuel Emissions Compliance

Better Fuel Performance

Fuel & Service Data Analytics

Reduce Bunkered Fuel Costs

The Technology

The technology is a combination of a hi-tech fuel catalyst, an intelligent 3G data-logger, and signal induction listening technology coupled with a cutting-edge cloud analytics / condition monitoring service.

Our WIMS gateway uses smart VPN technology to access, acquire and analyse your fleet’s fuel performance data direct from each train’s data bus, reporting any issues found direct to your desktop or smartphone, allowing you to take any necessary action.

These same analytics can also be used to help improve fleet maintenance planning and reduce localised spare parts stocks.

How it Works

The significant difference between our additive and 98% of ‘the rest of the market’ is that ours is a catalyst not a solvent.

Solvents simply clean your engine to try to return them back to original factory performance.

Our catalyst acts as a combustion agent between the oxygen in the air and the carbon in the fuel, reducing oxidation and ignition delay; which in turn creates a faster flame speed and more complete combustion.

The result is better economy, more power, increased cylinder pressure; smoother more complete combustion which also results in less toxic gas emissions.

The Savings

The savings are simple: Improved fuel performance, reduced engine wear and tear, reduced service consumables, reduced vehicle maintenance, reduced spare parts and back at depot reduced bunkered fuel maintenance costs.

Vidiwave’s Fuel Technology is more that just a fuel additive it delivers provable savings that will reduce your whole fleet’s complete life cycle costs.

Savings that over the total life span of a vehicle could represent a total reduction in costs of more than 16%. These are savings that no business can afford to ignore.

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