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Diagnostics Alerting VPN Service

A comprehensive diagnostics Service from Vidiwave

This unique and innovative approach to Vehicle diagnostics uses a combination of cutting edge wireless technologies to deliver a FULLY INTEGRATED - Pro-active fleet diagnostics service.

Vidiwave use a blend of Enterprise Class 3G and WLAN via its own secure VPN to deliver ALL your fleet diagnostics in ONE solution.

This high level of integration using mobile networks, streamlined hardware and hi-end Remote Management Services allows Vidiwave to deliver a fully tailored diagnostics solution to both Automotive and Rail clients. Reducing their operational overheads from a multi-network / multi-vendor model to single hi-technology solution that not only lowers running costs it also significantly reduces on-going service costs by delivering early diagnostics.

Very low running costs - Our solution uses standard Public APN SIM cards not the Hi-cost Private APN Fixed IP Address SIM cards. This means that our monthly fixed costs are up to 60% less than Private APN solutions and our daily data usage costs are even lower.

So now you can have it all for less money than you are paying for a standard fleet tracking solution. Plus we can add real-time video to the tracking as a "nice to have" option.

Can you really afford not to take a look at this solution?

Key features

  • Full GPS tracking and location services.
  • REMOTE VCU serial device and CANbus push diagnostics.
  • Remote fuel data analytics and diagnostics
  • Tachograph driver remote analysis.
  • Custom fuel saving routines - saving up to 15%
  • Driver monitoring and retraining - to reduce component wear rates.
  • FMS1 - Real-Time CANbus statistics.
  • FMS2 - Vehicle ID info.
  • FMS3 - Tachograph statistics.
  • FMS4 - Driver analysis.
  • FMS7 - CO2 Emissions reporting.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Here's how it works

  • Vidiwave's CANbus diagnostics solution uses automatic collect and PUSH scripts to report real-time information via 3G to the clients VidimonIQ web interface.
  • It also allows the end-user to define the condition alert level for each element of the CANbus information reported - to use this information as a proactive early warning system to identify vehicle reliability issues.
  • Changes of condition are instantly reflected and report as either a Normal, Warning or Critical status as each element changes.